Web/PC Environment

BLAZE SSI software includes both web-based and Windows-based (locally installed) systems. BLAZE SSI’s web-based products require no system installation. BLAZE SSI’s Windows-based software may be installed on a on an individual PC; or on a LAN or WAN, provided the user has a BLAZE SSI multi-workstation license. The systems can operate in a Terminal Services or Citrix environment. Users who install the software on a network or an individual computer benefit from a simple installation process that uses industry standard installation tools. Installation instructions, Introductory Guides and User Manuals are provided in electronic format to licensees. The BLAZE SSI Helpline provides assistance via telephone for installation and initial system use. BLAZE SSI offers its Windows-based products via a Virtual Desktop (Verdi) on secure servers provided by BLAZE SSI. This option gives licensees the benefits of web-based system operation without bearing the full cost of the associated hardware and IT support staff.